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FabricCare Pros | Patio Cushion Cleaning
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Patio Cushion Cleaning


dirty Patio Furniture


FabricCare Pros provide comprehensive patio furniture cleaning services. Whether you are planning to entertain guests or just enjoy spending time on your decks and patios, our patio furniture cleaning service is the answer for you. Just like anything that sits outside in warmer months eventually ends up covered in dirt; chances are your patio furniture has probably collected some bird droppings and dead bugs as well.


Our patio furniture cleaning service can steam clean away all the dirt, bugs and bird droppings so you can maintain your investment while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Let FabricCare get your patio furniture in fun-ready condition today. We offer free patio furniture cleaning quotes so call us today!



Don’t use a power washer. If you look at what power washing can do to your deck, imagine what it will do to furniture.


Take care of your pieces now so you’ll enjoy them for years. If you professionally clean the furniture at the end of each season, it will last. And bringing it indoors whenever you’re not using it is the best way to preserve it.


Cover up with breathable fabric furniture covers. (Although waterproof, vinyl doesn’t breathe, so it can trap moisture, leading to mold.) While covers aren’t an absolute necessity, they can extend the life of your patio set. Use them over the winter in particular, if you can’t store your pieces indoors.

Protect your loved ones from airborne pollutants

Exposure to dust mites and pet allergen are widely accepted
to be the most important causes of indoor allergies.

    • You know that the major source
      of malodors in the home are
      caused by our furry friends

        Pet Stain Removal
        Special Cleaning Solution
        Rinse & Neutralize
        Expert technicians

    • What makes stain removal complex is that each stain calls for a different treatment
        Greasy Stains
        Non-Greasy Stains
        Combination Stains
        Stubborn Stains

    • Leather furnishings properly
      cared for will look great
      for a long time

        Aniline or Natural
        Protected or Semi-Aniline
        Nubuck or Chaps
        Leather Masters™

    • We clean natural & synthetic upholstered furniture incl. cotton, linen, silk, velvet etc.,
        Airborne Pollutants
        Pet Dander
        Restore Your Sofa
        Get Rid of Stubborn Stains