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FabricCare Pros | Restorative Cleaning
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Restorative Cleaning

Restorative Cleaning

restore your valuables


We are able to perform some Restorative Cleaning Procedures when:

Upholstered furniture has been poorly or improperly cleaned, resulting in water stains, browning or yellowing.

Upholstered furniture has not been maintained and as a result are very heavily soiled and stained.

Some of the treatments we provide


  • Anti-Browning Treatments to reverse water stains and brown stains caused by over wetting.

  • Oxy-Pro Treatments, an additive to remove yellowing and dinginess from white or off-white fabrics.

  • Optical Brighteners are used to brighten the colours on dull or faded fabrics.

Call FabricCare for a free consultation if you have a piece of furniture that may require Restorative Cleaning.