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Spot & Stain Removal

Spot & Stain Removal



Spots and stains on your upholstery and other furnishings happen as a result of everyday activities in our homes. Whether its your handyman husband coming in onto the sofa with his grass stained jeans, your toddler who expresses independence by painting with peanut butter on the sofa, your teenagers dripping pizza sauce on the sectional sofa or when company splatters red wine on the dining room chair. Stains are somewhat inevitable but there are products such as Stain-Guard Treatments that can help protect your furniture from such mishaps.

Three Types of Stains

Generally, stains can be divided into three categories. Each type dictates different treatment procedures.

  1. The first type “Greasy Stains” usually occurs when food is spilled. Cooking oils, butter and similar substances produce these stains.

  2. The second type “Non-greasy Stains” are produced by materials such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, food coloring, and ink.

  3. The third type “Combination Stains” coffee with cream, Thousand Island salad dressing, and lipstick are items that cause combination stains; that is, they combine greasy and non-greasy elements.

What Should I Do?


What makes stain removal complex is that each stain calls for a different treatment.Grass stains on the sofa are not treated in the same way as red wine on the dining room chairs, and on top of having to identify both the staining agent and the stained surface, you have to act fast.


The longer most stains set, the harder they are to remove without damage to the stained surface. If the stain hasn’t been identified correctly, or if an improper stain-removing agent or technique has been used, the stain may become permanent and cause additional damage to the stained fabric. It is not recommended that you attempt to remove stains from your upholstered furniture.


Clearly, stains can be different in nature and removal can be a complex process. FabricCare utilizes a line of superb eco-friendly stain removers and professional techniques for a variety of these tough everyday spots and stains. Call us for your spot and stain removal needs. We offer stain removal as a standalone service.

The Best Solution For Your Business

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    • What makes stain removal complex is that each stain calls for a different treatment
        Greasy Stains
        Non-Greasy Stains
        Combination Stains
        Stubborn Stains


    • You know that the major source
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