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StainGuard Treatments

StainGuard Treatments

Why Protect Your Furnishings?


Keep your furnishings cleaner, fresher, brighter….longer. StainGuard Treatments allows you to “not worry” as you enjoy your home and all the lovely furnishings that go in it! These soil and stain repellents help protect against the common soiling and staining situations that come along with today’s busy living…kids or pets tracking dirt, overturned beverages, common food spills.


With StainGuard Treatments almost everything is protected from almost any sort of staining. You can live life, entertain and relax because you have the peace of mind that comes from having your furnishings protected.


StainGuard Treatments create an invisible barrier which repels spills and dry soil helping to keep them from being absorbed into the fabric while allowing you to wipe them up easier. These treatments will allow the upholstery to breath and not affect the colour nor will they leave your fabrics hard or brittle. Since over the course of everyday life your stain protection weakens due to usage and are completely taken off with cleaning, they should be applied after each professional cleaning to help your upholstery “Stay Cleaner Longer”.

Green StainGuard Treatments


Our StainGuard Treatments are formulated with the earth and its inhabitants in mind. These products are fragrance free, biodegradable, phosphate free and also contains no VOC’s. This practice leads to a more positive environmental footprint than standard cleaning products.


The ingredients in these formulations contain no components that pose serious hazards. This is beneficial to children and pets who can be sensitive to many of the chemicals in some cleaning products. By using our Stain Guard Treatments you can be assured that you are using products designed to protect human health and the environment.


What We Offer

FabricCare offers the following two types of StainGuard Treatments:

  1. GreenGuard which provides a good measure of protection against dry soils and liquid spills.
  2. FiberProtect which provides a greater measure of protection against dry soil and liquid spills plus it comes with a One Year Limited Warranty.

Benefits of StainGuard Treatments


Stain resist properties applied to upholstery.

Fabrics stay cleaner longer.

Approved safe for children & pets.

Easier clean-up and removal of spots & stains.

Abrasion & wear on your fabric reduced.

Vacuuming is easier & efficient.

Superior resistance to soil.

Extends the life of your upholstery.

The Best Solution For Your Business


    • Let FabricCare cleaning specialists get your patio furniture in fun-ready condition
        Steam Clean
        Clean Bird Droppings
        Dust, Dirt & Dead Bugs
        Brings Back Colors


    • Leather furnishings properly
      cared for will look great
      for a long time

        Aniline or Natural
        Protected or Semi-Aniline
        Nubuck or Chaps
        Leather Masters™


    • You know that the major source
      of malodors in the home are
      caused by our furry friends

        Pet Stain Removal
        Special Cleaning Solution
        Rinse & Neutralize
        Expert technicians


    • What makes stain removal complex is that each stain calls for a different treatment
        Greasy Stains
        Non-Greasy Stains
        Combination Stains
        Stubborn Stains